Advantages and Disadvantages, the pros and cons of Chrome OS

Chromebooks have voraciously increased their market share in the last year and it’s no accident. Chrome OS has undergone numerous changes, including the ability to download apps that work when you’re not connected to the internet SeeBest Chromebook for Under $300The aesthetics of Chrome OS have also undergone significant changes and are now much more similar to the traditional aesthetics of a computer. With so many changes, many people are considering the option of buying a Chromebook this year. That said, today we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this platform to determine if it is indeed an option that may be worth it.

Advantages of a Chromebook

Apps that work offline

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages introduced this year are the so-called “packaged” apps. Google basically gave developers free rein to create apps for Chrome OS that didn’t need an internet connection to work. In this way, in the Chrome App Store we already find dozens of apps that adopt this interesting modality. The highlight is that Google work apps, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar, among others, are also available to use offline.

For people who were undecided about “only works online” this has been one of the best changes. In any case, it is rare that one uses a laptop without internet today, so although the change is welcome, it was not SO essential for most people.

Integrated Google Drive Storage

Another interesting advantage of Chrome OS and in essence of Chromebooks is that Google Drive storage comes to us integrated into the platform . By this I mean that it is accessed as if it were a “C: drive”. But beyond the advantages of its accessibility, the best thing is that it is there.

Google gives us 100 GB of free storage in Google Drive for two years with the purchase of a Chromebook and with this type of integrated storage we have the option of accessing the information stored in Google Drive from any computer , an immense advantage that nowadays today it is not implemented in a standardized way in the rest of the platforms as it should.

highly competitive price

Price is perhaps the most attractive factor about Chromebooks and the one that pulls more customers in their direction. Today we can find several Chromebooks for less than 300 dollars / euros . The cheapest ones are available for $200 so this is definitely a value point.

A Windows computer that works for us with the same agility as a Chromebook and that does not get stuck at the “first chance” will cost us more than 400 euros at least, so it is something that we should definitely take into account.

Constant update and no viruses

Another important point in favor of Chromebooks is that they are always up to date. Just as Google remotely updates your browser, it also updates your operating system. In this way the system improves over time and the Chromebook you bought a month ago will not be as good as the Chromebook you have today, that’s progress.

On the other hand, just like Mac OS, Chrome OS is virus free . Being a system developed on a web platform, Google is responsible for preventing any virus from reaching us. You can completely forget about buying an antivirus when you buy a Chrome OS device.

Dropbox compatibility

If Google Drive sounds interesting to you but you already have your Dropbox account, don’t worry, as Dropbox also has an app for Chrome OS so you can continue using your favorite online storage system without any problems.

It’s fast, very fast

As a result of the constant improvements that Google implements on its operating system, Chromebooks are incredibly fast. Turning on your Chromebook takes 8 seconds tops and once you start using it you see that all the apps as well as the browser work like lightning. You haven’t felt speed until you’ve used a Chromebook. As a computing speed addict this is one of the best attributes I have come across in Chromebooks.

It is already customized to your liking

If you are a Chrome user, you have your bookmarks, your extensions and your apps that you can’t live without, don’t worry, because in Chrome OS you will have all that and more. Once you access your computer for the first time, you only need to enter your Google session, your password and you have it configured to your liking. You will now be able to access all the information that you have stored in Google Drive in an intuitive way and your calendar as well as all the other services that you have from Google will already be perfectly synchronized.


Great autonomy

One of the most remarkable points at the hardware level of Chromebooks is that they have exceptional autonomy. As a rule we find models with 7 hours of autonomy but little by little models with up to 10 hours of autonomy are being launched. That is freedom.

Disadvantages of Chromebooks

You do not have Skype

If you are one of those who uses Skype as your default communication service like me, then maybe a Chromebook is not for you. At the moment Skype is not available for this operating system and although it is expected to be in the near future, today we can only use Google Hangouts to have VOIP conversations.

Complicated compatibility with Office

If you use Microsoft Office tools in your day to day and often use your personal computer to edit documents written with this software then a Chromebook is not for you. Today, Chrome OS is limited to opening Office documents through Google’s proprietary applications, but it does not allow you to edit these documents. In any case, it should be said that there is Open Office, a service with which we can edit our Office documents online without problems. It is enough to open one of these documents sent to our Outlook email and we will be able to access Open Office and edit the document without problems.

tight storage

Google may offer us 100GB of cloud storage through its Drive service, but the default storage on Chromebooks is still a bit too tight for my liking. If you are interested in downloading movies and music, those 16 GB available will fill up very quickly . In any case you can always connect an external drive and store them there.


In conclusion Chrome OS is a great operating system for those who require a computer to do light tasks . Browsing the web, watching streaming movies, listening to music, working online, updating your social networks, all these are things that you can do more than enough with a chrome book. If you’re used to using Google services, the transition will be even easier as you have immediate access to all your information just seconds after starting your Chromebook for the first time. Perhaps there are still some corners to be polished, but all in all, it can be seen that Chrome OS is going in the right direction and for many people it is a great option today