Advantages and disadvantages

To start: What is a Chromebook?

It’s like a laptop, but the main difference is that they run the Chrome OS operating system instead of the classic Windows or macOS. It means it has cloud storage and all the Google stuff built in. This makes it interesting for the students or for the job, since it allows you to work collaboratively without the need for so much software installed.

If you want to know more about the different types of laptops, take a look at this blog that I also wrote with much, much love . What type of laptop is better?

What advantages do Chromebooks have?

Well look, the biggest advantage or at least that’s how I see it, is that they are very cheap compared to a normal laptop; that is, don’t expect it to cost you five pesos’, but for the same price, you get something better when you buy a Chromebook than when you buy a notebook.

Something that goes hand in hand with better performance is that you will always, always always have the latest update . Both system and applications, this automatically, you will not even have to do anything. 

You will also not need any antivirus , this is super super cool because as it is a system developed on a web platform, Google is responsible for protecting our computer from any intruder. So we can tell you bais to buy antivirus; more money for the chelas.

On the other hand, autonomy is also a good point in Chromebooks. Well, most of them can be found with an average battery of 10 hours. Something difficult or not very common in normal laptops and above all, cheap.

If we talk about apps, until a few yesterdays ago, we still couldn’t work or do anything without internet with a Chromebook; but currently we already find offline apps that can be downloaded directly from Google Play so that you can give it even if the internet goes away. 

Another little thing is that we have the Google Assistant natively. So if you have devices that sync with this system, you can control them with your sweet voice.

Ok, let’s go with the disadvantages

Internal storage is limited , you won’t find Chromebooks with thoooo capacity and the same goes for RAM. However, the part of the internal memory can be compensated with the fact that for 2 years, they give us 100GB as a gift in Google Drive.

We’re not going to find, obviously, Windows apps either because well… there’s no Windows, you see? Pretend that for you to understand me, it is more or less the interface of a cell phone but in a big way. Although let me tell you, Office has already arrived on Chromebooks, you can already edit files in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

The power is little, small, tiny, scarce and almost nil, if we talk about video editing or photos. The same thing happens with gaming, I mean, you will be able to run browser games or those that we find for Android, but beyond that, no, not even a joke.

What Band-Aid is a Chromebook for?

Look how they were able to wachar and run into each other. A Chromebook would be a very good option if you are going to use it to surf the Internet, gossip on social networks, take classes, send emails and everything that has to do with the online world. 

On the contrary, it is a bad idea if you are a graphic design student or your job involves editing or working with any other heavy program. Here, if it suits you to invest a little more, take a look at all the laptop options that we have for you at

I say goodbye, I hope I have helped you, tell me if you decide on a Chromebook or better nel. Take awita, wear a mask and don’t write to your exes,