Chromebook or laptop, when is it better to go cheap?

When you need to be able to work anywhere , the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a laptop ; However, these computers, generally with the Windows 10 operating system, are usually quite expensive if we compare it with Chromebooks , laptops that were originally intended for the educational sector due to their simplicity but that, really, can give you everything you need. In this article we are going to tell you when you should opt for a Chromebook instead of a laptop.

If Chromebooks have a great advantage over conventional laptops, it is of course their price. Even the most expensive Chromebook is often in line – in price range – with cheaper laptops and will offer much higher performance by comparison. The downside is that these computers are designed for ChromeOS, an operating system that is practically an Android PC and that can greatly limit the range of use of the computer.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chromebooks

As we have said before, as a general rule, Chromebooks are much cheaper than laptops, and it must be said that in recent years their popularity has spread not only to the educational field but also to the home and even in the office. A Chomebook is in essence quite similar to a laptop and in fact physically they are practically the same, with its screen, keyboard, trackpad and connection ports; some have touch screens, all offer Internet access (indispensable, in fact) and are capable of running a host of applications, including the Microsoft Office suite .

Essentially the biggest difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is the operating system as laptops generally use Windows while Chromebooks use ChromeOS which is quite a specific and limited system but it is compatible with most Android apps so They will allow you to browse the Internet, use the office suite to work, watch videos, etc. In addition, another advantage of these devices is that they do not need an antivirus , and since they are generally low-power devices, they have excellent battery life .

Obviously, these computers also have certain disadvantages such as not being compatible with Windows applications or having quite limited storage . In addition, they have a fairly low power for video or image editing, so of course they are not recommended for this either; Finally, it’s worth mentioning that due to their operating system and low power, you won’t be able to use them to play anything other than browser games or those designed for Android smartphones.

When to choose a Chromebook over a laptop?

As with any device you intend to buy, it all depends on what you are going to use it for. Chromebooks are cheap, fast and quite efficient, while laptops will give you universal application compatibility (greater versatility) and power to perform advanced tasks.

Therefore, you should consider buying a Chromebook if the use you are going to give it is simple and undemanding, such as for online work over the Internet, messaging applications or conferences, viewing videos or the office suite . If your work requirements are not too demanding, of course, a Chromebook will give you the solvency you need and you will save a lot of money, since these computers also stand out for their simplicity.

Now, if you need the equipment for something other than what we have defined in the lines above, then don’t even consider buying a Chromebook because it will be too short (or even useless depending on what you need). Remember that these devices are not compatible with Windows applications, and therefore if you need to use, for example, a CRM or ERP specific to your work, it will not work for you unless it is completely online.

In essence, if what you need is purely online and you could even do it from an Android smartphone, a Chromebook will be all you need; If, on the other hand, you need to perform additional and/or more advanced tasks or if you require more performance for image or video editing, then it is best to invest a little more money in a laptop.