Chromebook: what are the differences and advantages offered by Chrome OS

Chromebooks are laptops with an Operating System created by Google . It has been designed with the aim of working with office automation tools and surfing the Internet . In turn, it is manufactured by various companies which have signed a contract with Google to market them within the international market. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it has highly competitive prices, which adjust to any type of budget.

These types of portable machines were announced in 2010. Currently, Chromebooks have become a power during 2020 and are positioned as one of the most used Operating Systems worldwide. For this reason, this article is designed to highlight the definition of Chromebooks , their characteristics , advantages and disadvantages, and the best alternatives that you can get in the market at an affordable price.

What is

A Chromebook is a laptop with an Operating System designed by Google . The OS is known as “Chrome OS” and its design is practically the same as Google’s, although it has a wide variety of tools added to the taskbar. It is based on the Linux kernel and its target market is to meet the needs of students who just want to surf the Internet for research and quickly complete assignments.


A Chromebook can be a good investment if you just want a machine to work on quickly. If you are thinking of purchasing one, in this section you will see all the features you should know about Chromebooks :

  • They are designed to perform tasks quickly , conveniently and easily.
  • It has a simple but attractive design.
  • Touch screen .
  • Google Chrome default browser .
  • Chrome OS eliminates the constant updates to save on IT (Information Technology).
  • Support for running Android apps .
  • It is compatible with GNU/Linux systems .
  • It has a free version called “ Chromium OS ”.
  • Easy use and configuration.
  • Secure virus-free system . The System isolates processes that may impair its operation.
  • Great startup speed .


In this section you will see the advantages of Chromebooks and why they are different from the rest of the laptops with Windows or Mac OS:

  • Highly competitive prices compared to other laptops.
  • Wide selection of designs .
  • Its interface is intuitive and simple .
  • Chrome syncs passwords, bookmarks, and web apps by saving all of the above, plus system settings and user data, to the cloud.
  • Long battery life with a maximum of 12 hours after a single charge, although this varies depending on the device and its use.
  • Support, security and guarantee with Google .
  • Google Assistant as a native app (on select models).
  • They work without an Internet connection . You’ll be able to read emails or work on documents with Google Drive offline, as the apps will automatically save your work and sync when your Chromebook reconnects.


It is also important to mention the disadvantages of Chromebooks so that you can make a thorough comparison with other laptops. In view of this, here is a list of the unfavorable characteristics of these machines :

  • It has very limited hardware .
  • Few specifications even in high-end models.
  • It does not have keyboards with the letter “ Ñ ”, which is inconvenient for customers or users of the Spanish language.
  • Storage adjusted with only 16GB . However, you have 100GB of cloud storage through the Google Drive service.

The best alternatives on the market

If you want to buy a Chromebook, in this section you will see several models that can be adjusted to your needs and budget. In each machine its most important characteristics will be highlighted and a tentative price that you will see depending on the digital market in which you are looking for the laptop.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

This Chromebook from Lenovo has a lot of versatility, since  it is a Tablet that you can take anywhere. It is light in weight and its battery can last up to 20 hours with moderate use. Therefore, if you need a machine whose performance is optimal and efficient, this is a good tool. You can find it on different digital platforms with a price that ranges between $237 and $359 .

hp chromebook 14

This laptop from the HP company offers an excellent balance between affordable price and efficient use . It is compact and has quite an attractive appearance. It has a 14-inch screen and a fairly light weight , which will allow you to transport this laptop anywhere. Its price ranges between $230 and $267.20 .

Acer Chromebook 314

The Acer company is known for designing machines with a very good value for money and this Chromebook is no exception. It has a fairly sharp and bright 14-inch touch screen , so you can work or watch a movie of your interest without any inconvenience. Its battery has a battery life of up to 12 hours and its price you can get between $250 and $285 .

If you are a student and have a tight budget , acquiring a Chromebook is a good investment to optimize the time of work or completion of tasks. Take into account all the features, advantages and disadvantages that have been mentioned in this post so that you can make a good comparison and choose the machine that best meets your needs