What are Chromebooks and what advantages do they have?

Not all users make the same use of their devices, nor do all computers orient their features towards the same goals. That is why the first Chromebooks  aimed at student users appeared in the laptop branch. What are Chromebooks and what advantages do they have ? These are interesting computers for those looking for connectivity, a comfortable design to carry, all the features of a desktop and a low price. What are their characteristics and for what uses are they optimal?

What is a Chromebook and Chrome OS?

They are  laptops characterized by running the Chrome OS operating system . They were born in 2010 to solve the economic problem of bringing a laptop to each student, but over the years they have been adding features for all types of users.

Among the basic features of Chromebooks are advantages such as being exceptionally light, relatively small, and prioritizing cloud computing over local. Unlike other lines of ultra-slim laptops, its development is open to different manufacturers, such as Lenovo.

In a decade they have been gaining functionalities, and each manufacturer has contributed their own touch. In the case of Lenovo, the ThinkPad Chromebooks stand out, designed in such a way that they can pass up to 12 military specification tests aimed at their resistance and durability.

Advantages and benefits of Chromebook

Initially, Chromebooks were geared toward a student audience , so they were small, portable, and exceptionally cheap. The idea was that every student could have one to support themselves in digitization. Furthermore, its features were basic and very limited.

Although most Chromebooks continue to maintain a low user profile, the truth is that there are already compact Ultrabooks with Chrome OS and high performance.

The bulk of Chromebooks for Chrome OS have the following advantages:

  • They are cheap and accessible , which makes them highly demanded for users with low purchasing power. Plus, they include 100  gigabytes  of free space with Google One and other Google offers .
  • They have the Chromium ecosystem, the Google Drive office automation and the Play Google applications integrated. Android users will not find it difficult to make the leap.
  • They are lightweight and can be stored in backpacks or bags. In addition, they start up in a matter of seconds and are therefore associated with casual use and high demand for flexibility.
  • Using Chrome OS, one of the lightest operating systems, they are exceptionally fast for their processors.
  • They are ideal for those who prioritize working in the cloud over local work. Everything that is working on documents such as Google Documents or Microsoft 365 in the cloud, web pages, or social networks, will go very smoothly.
  • They have a WiFi, Bluetooth or USB-C connection , among other standards. In other words, they connect well with any other nearby device.

What disadvantages can Chromebooks have?

Chromebooks, due to their characteristics, have several disadvantages for some users, compared to other laptops:

  • Not having Windows , there are programs that cannot be executed, although it is true that they are very specific.
  • Due to their low physical memory capacity , they can fall short in this regard. This can be solved with a flash drive or using the cloud.
  • Computing power is often low , so without cloud processing support these devices may fall short.

This makes them not suitable for all users or for some it is best to use a Chromebook only as a backup.

Chromebook as a work tool?

Those who are dedicated to engineering, photo editing or design may not find their work tool in these devices, for example, since for them there are other lines of design that are better suited to their needs.

However, if the job involves office tools like word processors, spreadsheets, or the web, Chromebooks are fully functional tools that will cover all needs.

Can you play on a Chrome OS laptop?

It depends on what is played, but it is possible in Chrome OS. Even resource-intensive titles like Minecraft can be installed on these devices. Of course, for games with even more needs, these computers may not be able to give optimal performance.

Chrome OS is ideal for video games processed in the cloud , such as Google Stadia or other streaming services , since one of its strong points is connectivity.

The best Chromebooks

Since Google released the possibility of personalizing these laptops for brands, there is a wide range of possibilities on the market. For example, Lenovo markets the ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook Enterprise , a solution designed for businesses and power users; and the more conventionally designed IdeaPad 5i Chromebook Gen 6 .

Choosing a computer is a complex task because it is necessary to know if you are looking for a desktop or a Workstation , a Windows or Chrome OS , or even if it is possible to use a tablet instead of a regular computer.